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I think this is the best Friday Night Funkin' animation on Newgrounds so far, I love it so much! The clarity, the good amount of frames per second, the angles, the way Pico absolutely obliterates an entire army, how intense the rap battle is between Tankman and Boyfriend, the presence of the tank woman is a great reference to ''Tankmen Infinity'' plus that little monologue along the notes and that engine sound at the end works perfectly with the ending title, overall, it is an absolute masterpiece, this deserves more than 50.000 views.

This is hilarious, I really like that blue costume for the captain.
Also, *Pinball 3D starting sound intensifies at the beginning.*

This video is my entire mood recently, I love it!
I bet many other people watching this have the same mood, good way to interpret a routine!

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I remember playing this as a kid, it was one of my favorite Flash games, I wouldn't get tired of that song playing in the background, the whole concept of a bigger Rock Paper Scissors game fascinated me ever since.



Beautiful game, it's cute and relaxing but also challenging! You have to be fast towards the last levels, but that's exactly what makes this game so good.

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Mândru că sunt Român cu astfel de piese în Balcani.

Feel free to translate this, lots of love and respect from Romania!

sorohanro responds:

No fain. Multam de review (sau fonetic reviu?). Mai am piese de inspiratie folclorica, tot cu trupa asta, si mai am alea vechi din... 2006, 2009, 2011...

This should be the official theme song for the Tankmen series, an intro with the main characters with this song in the background would be badass, or imagine this in musical notes characteristic to Friday Night Funkin' and make it one of Tankmen's songs in the game!
The lines are repetitive but not TOO repetitive, which makes the song catchy, that guitar hits deep into your soul, and I love it so much!

This track is so GOOD that everytime I hear it, not only I imagine the World's Hardest Game, which is a masterpiece of a game, I also imagine those 80's Disco parties with this kind of music, it's amazing, and if I ever throw an old school themed party in the future, this song is definitely gonna be on the playlist.

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He looks as if he came from the Invader Zim universe, awesome drawing as always! :D

Liam-SG responds:

Thanks man!! Have acc been watching Invader Zim a ton lately, guess it was subconsciously inspired my it,weird coincidence i guess🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

It looks cartoony and at the same time it gives some 1940's cartoon vibes. Looking great!

Dave: Hey Admiral, that's a might fine SUB you got there.
Admiral: Thanks, Dave, it IS a mighty fine SUB.
Dave: You wanna see my SUB? Not quite as big as yours but here-a there, there it is, there's my SUB.
Admiral: That's great Dave, that's almost as big as my SUB, but not quite as big.

First Name: Vlad
Region & Country: Transylvania, Romania Fluent speaker of: English & Romanian.
My personal ''drugs'': British Tea, Music.
Short description: I'm kindhearted, empathic, traditionalist, patriotic, religious but I'm arrogant when I'm angry.



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